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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a weatherproof cover for an electric box?

Be safe with Extra Duty rated weatherproof covers from TayMac. Since 2014, the National Electric Code has required outlets (15 or 20A, 125 or 240V) installed in wet locations to have a weatherproof enclosure. It must be clearly marked for Extra Duty and is required whether or not an attachment plug cap is inserted.

What kind of testing does Hubbell extra duty do?

Rigorous testing in our labs, before a product goes to UL, includes cycle testing, accelerated aging and material uniformity testing, cold impact testing, hinge testing and rain testing. All TayMac brand Extra Duty products meet UL 514D requirements. Count on Hubbell TayMac for quality in-use weatherproof covers.

What does Hubbell Canada do for a living?

"At Hubbell Canada, we have been working hard to bring our One Hubbell way of doing business to the digital forefront. Our new website provides our customers with more efficient access to information across all of our Hubbell brands."

Where is Hubbell power systems in South Carolina?

Hubbell Power Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina with a variety of locations throughout the world.

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