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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of fish does Huon Aquaculture produce?

Huon Aquaculture Group Limited is a Tasmanian-based company involved in fish farming, processing, marketing and sales. The group focuses on producing Huon branded salmon and trout products primarily for local markets. Huon Aquaculture is engaged in the following product operations:

Where does Huon Aquaculture Group Limited do business?

Huon Aquaculture Group Limited is a locally owned public company, deriving revenue from the hatching, farming, processing, marketing and sale of salmon and trout products. The company employs approximately 670 people, operates in Australia, and is administered from its head office in Dover, Tasmania.

Why did Huon Aquaculture lose the court case?

Huon Aquaculture is claiming a moral victory despite losing a Federal Court case involving Tasmania salmon farming rivals Tassal and Petuna. The wealth of billionaire Alan Wilson and his family been surging on the rising price of shares in Reece group. But that's not all.

Who are the debt vultures for Huon Aquaculture?

The debt vultures eyeing off Huon Aquaculture have found themselves up against a new competitor in Andrew Forrest’s Tattarang. Andrew Forrest has paid nearly $20 million for a 7.33 per cent stake in the Tasmanian salmon farmer as Phil King’s Regal Funds Management departs the register.

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