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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money is Huon Aquaculture group raising?

ASX-listed salmon producer Huon Aquaculture is in front of investors asking for a $64 million equity injection. Listed salmon farmer Huon Aquaculture Group is readying a $60 million equity raising with the help of house broker Credit Suisse. Here's one car crash the country's cashed up private equiteers saw coming.

What kind of fish does Huon Aquaculture produce?

Additionally, the Company sells trout, although this represented less than 3% of FY2014 revenue. Huon focuses on producing the highest quality fish by implementing the Huon Method. This methodology and ethos drive Huon to produce salmon that exhibit excellent characteristics in terms of size and quality by respecting the fish and their environment.

Where are Huon marine farms located in Australia?

Huon’s marine farms are located in the cool, pristine waters of Tasmania, with the Company’s logistics infrastructure delivering salmon quickly and efficiency to the major fish markets around Australia. Huon’s primary product is fresh HOG salmon, but the Company also sells a range of value added products.

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