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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Huon Aquaculture group?

This presentationis provided by Huon AquacultureGroup Limited (ACN 114 456 781) to provide summary information about Huon AquacultureGroup Limited and its subsidiaries (Huon) and their activities as at the date of this presentation.

What is the Huon method of salmon farming?

Our practices, our commitment to transparency, and our continuing education in environmental matters has seen us develop what we refer to as the Huon Method. We’re immensely proud of the salmon and ocean trout products that we make available to our customers.

How big is the Huon fish processing facility?

The HUON fish processing facility at Parramatta Creek, Sassafras, currently undertakes wet processing and value adding of a total gross volume of 12,500 tonnes of salmon per annum. These volumes include the by-product and waste components.

Where can I buy Huon Salmon in Tasmania?

Whether it’s recipe inspiration, finding out where your local Huon Salmon stockist is or buying online we’re here to make it easy for you to enjoy our range of delicious products. At Huon Aquaculture, we farm atlantic salmon and ocean trout in the wild waters of Tasmania.

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