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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Huon Aquaculture keep their fish healthy?

Replacing every single mooring and pen on every lease, changing the way we feed our fish and changing the way our teams on the farm work together. Using our wellboat, the Ronja Huon (the first ship of her kind anywhere in the world), to bathe our fish in freshwater and keep them healthy.

How many people work at Huon fish farm?

Fast forward to today, and Huon employs over 700 people, farms Huon Salmon and Ocean Trout, sells fish across Australia and internationally, and leads the world in farming technologies such as our smart feed system. At Huon we practise a holistic approach to fish farming.

Is it safe to buy Huon Salmon in Australia?

We know exactly what our fish have been fed, which means that when you purchase Huon Salmon and Huon Ocean Trout you know it has received safe, sustainable, traceable feed. Huon has the only ongoing dedicated research trial farm program in Australia into salmon feed.

Where is the location of Huon Aquaculture in Dover?

The location of each of Huon’s leases can be found on our Sustainability Dashboard. At Hideaway Bay, Dover, you’ll find where Huon Aquaculture began. Peter and Frances began salmon farming here in 1986 with one pen of fish and a single employee. Today, Hideaway Bay operates as the shore base for operations in the State’s south.

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