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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Huon Aquaculture build its export business?

Huon Aquaculture builds its senior team’s Asia capabilities by ensuring they visit key export markets frequently The founders of Huon Aquaculture strongly believe that major future growth of their business will be driven by new markets in Asia.

How is value chain analysis of aquaculture feed sector?

Quantitative data were collected for each link in the value-chain through structured questionnaires that were drafted and distributed to the key players in the sector; 25 fish feed mills and 34 fish farms covering different geographical and production regions.

What are the 5 major aquaculture market segments?

The 5 major aquaculture market segments are categorized based on fish type and regions. On the basis of fish type, the market is divided into pompano, snappers, salmon, milkfish, tuna, tilapia, catfish, seabass, and others (carps, mackerels, sea bream, and trout).

What is the value chain of aquafeed in Egypt?

The results indicated that the Egyptian aquafeed value-chain is relatively simple; including only four main stakeholder groups. These are feed input suppliers, aquafeed producers, aquafeed marketers and traders and fish farmers. Between 50 and 99% of feed ingredients used in aquafeed production in Egypt are imported.

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