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Frequently Asked Questions

Is tropical storm Elsa a Category 1 hurricane again?

Forecasters said Tuesday afternoon that Tropical Storm Elsa was moving north at 10 mph with winds of 70 mph. At 74 mph, Elsa would become a Category 1 hurricane again.

What is the speed of Hurricane Elsa?

The new tropical storm moved westward at speeds up to 29 mph, exceptionally fast for a tropical cyclone still in the deep tropics. Elsa strengthened into a category 1 hurricane while approaching Barbados on July 2, but then weakened the following day before passing north of Jamaica.

Why did Hurricane Elsa move northeast?

Elsa maintained tropical storm strength as it moved northeastward across Georgia and the Carolinas on July 8 due to favorable upper-level winds and the proximity of the warm ocean.

How much rain did tropical storm Elsa bring to North Carolina?

Tropical Storm Elsa brought gusty winds and locally heavy rainfall to the eastern portions of South and North Carolina on July 8, 2021. Wind gusts over 50 mph occurred on the beaches, with over four inches of rain reported from a few locations in coastal South Carolina.

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