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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hybrid cloud and why do you need it?

A hybrid cloud model allows enterprises to deploy workloads in private IT environments or public clouds and move between them as computing needs and costs change. This gives a business greater flexibility and more data deployment options. A hybrid cloud workload includes the network, hosting and web service features of an application.

What are the basics of cloud computing?

Cloud computing basics. Cloud computing is a new IT delivery model accessed over the network (Internet or intranet). It is definitely not formed in one day by a “Big Bang.” This revolutionary style of computing emerges from evolutionary changes, maturity, development and advancements of technologies over the last 50 years.

What does hybrid cloud mean in practice?

A hybrid cloud-sometimes called a cloud hybrid-is a computing environment that combines an on-premises datacenter (also called a private cloud) with a public cloud, allowing data and applications to be shared between them.

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