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Frequently Asked Questions

How to roll a sleeping bag properly?

At first, lay your sleeping bag on a clean and dry surface. Try to use a ground tarp to roll up the bag, it will keep the bag clean and moisture from getting rolled into the bag. Zip up the bag and any pockets available in the bag, because an unzipped bag can make it harder to roll properly.

How do you fold a sleeping bag for camping?

Fold the sleeping bag in half lengthwise. Fold one side over so that it lines up with the zipper. Take some time to make sure the edges are lined up. They don't have to be perfect, but the closer you can get them the better.

How do you roll up a heavy bag?

Start rolling upwards from your feet firmly by using both your hands to roll up tightly. Squeeze it with your hand to push up out any air in the bag. Sit on the bag using the knees and roll tightly. Push out any air with your knees.

How do you put a hood on a sleeping bag?

Unlock the zipper flap and unzip it halfway. Wear a pair of clean socks. Slip into the bag. Wriggle in and pull the bag up till your feet touch the bottom. Lie down with the hood under your head. Gently zip it up from the outside. Seal the flap lock. You can tighten the hood if required. Zip the bag and lock it.

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