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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a hydrogen bond an actual bond?

A hydrogen bond is not an actual bond it is the attractive intermolecular force between a hydrogen molecule and an elelctonegative atom such as N,O,F. Hydrogen bonding only occurs with those 3 elements because they are the most electronegative.

What do you need to know about hydrogen bonding?

Hydrogen Bond Definition and Examples Hydrogen Bond Definition. A hydrogen bond is a type of attractive (dipole-dipole) interaction between an electronegative atom and a hydrogen atom bonded to another electronegative atom. But the Atoms Are Already Bonded. How can hydrogen be attracted to another atom when it is already bonded? ... Examples of Hydrogen Bonds. ... Hydrogen Bonding in Water. ...

What can form a hydrogen bond?

Hydrogen bonds form because of the attraction between a slightly positive hydrogen atom of one molecule and the slightly negative atom of another molecule. Differences in electronegativity between the hydrogen atom and the other atom or atoms of the molecule lead to these partial positive and partial negative charges.

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