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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of hydrogen cars?

Hydrogen Car Pros Hydrogen Car Cons; Greener compared to conventional cars: High purchase price: Use of renewable resources: High depreciation: Efficient power: Charging issues: No noise pollution: Lack of infrastructure: Short fueling time: Limited selection of cars: Long range: Technology not mature yet: Absence of fumes: Large investments for R&D necessary: No air pollution

What are the problems with hydrogen cars?

Hydrogen Problems. The serious problems that are affecting the development of hydrogen cars are; hydrogen storage, the high reactivity of hydrogen, the cost and methods of hydrogen fuel production, consumer demand and the cost of changing the infrastructure to accommodate hydrogen vehicles.

What are hydrogen cars and how do they work?

Instead, hydrogen cars effectively have their own efficient power plant on board: the fuel cell . In the fuel cell of an FCEV, hydrogen and oxygen generate electrical energy. This energy is directed into the electric motor and/or the battery, as needed.

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