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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of a hydrogen car?

Range in the new generation of hydrogen vehicles could be 300 miles versus the 75-100 miles for most EVs, or 200-250 miles for Teslas.

How much does a hydrogen car cost?

How much does a hydrogen fuel cell cost? The few models of fuel cell vehicles already available on the market cost around USD 80,000 for a mid- or upper-mid-range vehicle. That’s almost twice as much as comparable fully electric or hybrid vehicles. There are a range of reasons why hydrogen fuel cell cars are still expensive.

What cars have great mpg?

The standard Honda Civic also gets great gas mileage with 36 mpg city and 44 mpg highway driving to make for great gas mileage. Best Large Cars: The Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Malibu Maxx, Chrysler Concorde, Dodge Intrepid, and Buick LeSabre rank the highest in gas mileage for this class of vehicles.

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