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Frequently Asked Questions

How do cars run on hydrogen?

In hydrogen powered cars each component is assigned with a specific task. In the beginning, hydrogen is pumped into the anode of the cell, while oxygen is acquired from the atmosphere by the cathode. The anode takes the help of catalyst to split the hydrogen cells, and separates the electrons from it.

Are hydrogen cars really viable?

Hydrogen's small size and extreme reactivity results in brittle metal and engines prone to leaking, which reduces both environmental and practical benefits. But many still consider fuel cell cars a viable option.

Are hydrogen cars the future of transport?

So far it seems hydrogen fuel cell cars have the immense potential to replace conventional transport. However, related infrastructure needs to be implemented in order to benefit from this cleaner alternative. Experts argue in favor of EV technologies as a way to reduce the current environmental issues and ensure a greener future.

How is hydrogen used to power cars?

Simply put, a hydrogen powered car uses hydrogen as the fuel to produce electric energy which is eventually used to power the car. The chemical energy of hydrogen is converted to mechanical energy in these cars by combustion or electrochemical conversion in a fuel cell.

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