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Frequently Asked Questions

Are hydrogen cars better than electric cars?

Hydrogen-powered cars are better than electric cars — but there's a catch. ... Simply put, hydrogen-powered cars have a better range and charge faster than traditional battery-powered vehicles.

Can hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles compete with electric cars?

6) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles can't compete with Electric Vehicles. It makes sense for the fossil fuel industry to lobby for the hydrogen car because hydrogen is essentially a product line extension for them. In other words, the "Hydrogen Economy" is the "Fossil Fuel Economy" with a green sheen. The HFCV is a substitute technology.

Will hydrogen fuel cell cars take over electric cars?

Hydrogen cars won't overtake electric vehicles because they're hampered by the laws of science

What is the difference between electric cars and hybrid cars?

Main difference between regular and hybrid cars is the nature of the two engines. Regular car has a gasoline (petrol) or diesel engine while hybrid car has both gas powered engine and an electric battery pack.

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