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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is hydrogen an unique element?

22.6: Hydrogen: A Unique Element Isotopes of Hydrogen. Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, is the ultimate source of all other elements by the process of nuclear fusion. Bonding in Hydrogen and Hydrogen-Containing Compounds. The 1s 1 electron configuration of hydrogen indicates a single valence electron. ... Synthesis, Reactions, and Compounds of Hydrogen

What two elements are in hydrogen?

Hydrogen Properties of Hydrogen. Hydrogen is the smallest element, with one proton and one electron. ... Binary Hydrides. Hydrides are compounds in which one or more hydrogen anions have nucleophilic, reducing, or basic properties. Isotopes of Hydrogen. ... Hydrogenation. ... The Hydrogen Economy. ...

What kind of element is hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a chemical element with atomic number Z = 1 and chemical symbol H. It is the most abundant element in the universe (about 90% in number of atoms, about 70% in mass). It exists primarily in interstellar gas clouds and stars, but it is also thought that hydrogen is a major component of the planet Jupiter.

Is hydrogen the most used element?

Hydrogen is the lightest and most common element in the cosmos. Its atomic number is 1. In its elemental state, hydrogen is rare. But it is one of the components of water and vital to life. It is primarily used to create water.

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