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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you put hydrogen in a fuel cell?

Hydrogen is forced into the fuel cell at the anode in the form of H2 molecules, each of which contains two hydrogen atoms. A catalyst at the anode breaks the molecules into hydrogen ions (the protons) and a flow of electricity (the electrons). The ions pass through the membrane, but the electricity has to go around.

How do you build a hydrogen fuel cell?

How to Build a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator Step 1 – Create your Own Hydrogen Fuel Cell Step 2 – Connect the Electrodes and Battery Clip Step 3 – Attach the Electrodes to Your Water Glass Step 4 –Check the Volt Meter Reading Step 5 - Test the Fuel Cell

What are the pros and cons of hydrogen fuel cells?

Here are some of the pros and cons of using hydrogen fuel cells for transportation needs. 1. There are no harmful emissions that come from the vehicle. Vehicles which utilize hydrogen fuel cells do not produce harmful emissions into the environment. The only emissions this type of fuel technology produces is water vapor.

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