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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a hydrogen fuel cell car cost?

Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles aren't exactly cheap to own or run- if you take them at face value. The two modest fuel-cell models you can currently purchase (versus lease) both carry luxury-vehicle prices: a base $59,430 for the 2019 Toyota Mirai and a base $59,345 for the eco-focused Hyundai Nexo Blue.

Are fuel cell cars better than electric cars?

A 2017 survey of 1,000 senior auto executives conducted by KPMG found they believe hydrogen fuel cells have a better long-term future than electric cars and will represent "the real breakthrough" (78 percent), with the auto executives citing the short refueling time of just a few minutes as a major advantage.

Why are hydrogen fuel cells so expensive?

Hydrogen fuel cells are expensive for two major reasons: the cost of the constituent materials. it is a relatively new technology with very low penetration.

What are the problems with hydrogen cars?

Hydrogen Problems. The serious problems that are affecting the development of hydrogen cars are; hydrogen storage, the high reactivity of hydrogen, the cost and methods of hydrogen fuel production, consumer demand and the cost of changing the infrastructure to accommodate hydrogen vehicles.

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