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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a hydrogen car cost?

How much does a hydrogen fuel cell cost? The few models of fuel cell vehicles already available on the market cost around USD 80,000 for a mid- or upper-mid-range vehicle. That’s almost twice as much as comparable fully electric or hybrid vehicles. There are a range of reasons why hydrogen fuel cell cars are still expensive.

How long do hydrogen fuel cells last?

Lifetime of a (reversible) hydrogen fuel cell system. Nedstack quotes lifetimes ranging from 2,000 hours for backup cells (which presumably means years of actual operation as they only get used when other power is cut which isn't a routine happening) and 8,000-16,000 hours for continuous operation (which is two years).

What is the MPG of hydrogen cars?

Gasoline fueled cars only have a 20% energy conversion rate. So in terms of mpg of hydrogen fuel, that is about 93 mpg. This is almost triple what many vehicles get on gasoline, around 35mpg. This is also much better gas mileage then other hybrid vehicles.

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