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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any new markets for hydrogen fuel cells?

DETROIT-General Motors is finding new markets for its hydrogen fuel cell systems, announcing that it will work with another company to build mobile electricity generators, electric vehicle charging stations and power generators for military camps.

What are the uses of hydrogen fuel cells?

(Reuters) - General Motors on Wednesday said it plans to expand its hydrogen fuel cell business beyond vehicles by supplying hydrogen-powered generators for uses including at construction sites, music festivals, data centers and the military.

Where does GM get its fuel cell power from?

The automaker says it will supply fuel cell power systems to Renewable Innovations of Lindon, Utah, which will build the generators and rapid charging stations. The partnership adds more products and revenue from GM's hydrogen power systems that now are being developed for heavy trucks, locomotives and even airplanes.

Where does General Motors get their hydrogen from?

Freese said GM would always look to get hydrogen from a green source. But he conceded that supplies synthesized from natural gas would have to be a “stepping stone” to greener sources.

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