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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is hydrogen considered as the fuel of future?

5 reasons why hydrogen is the fuel of the future With global warming and carbon emissions dominating headlines, countries are turning to hydrogen-powered technology as a secure, clean, and affordable alternative to fossil fuels. 03 September 2019 • 6 min read

Will hydrogen be a fuel of the future?

The Future of Hydrogen. In the future, hydrogen will join electricity as an important energy carrier, since it can be made safely from renewable energy sources and is virtually non-polluting. It will also be used as a fuel for ‘zero-emissions’ vehicles, to heat homes and offices, to produce electricity, and to fuel aircraft.

Is hydrogen good fuel?

Hydrogen is though the best alternative fuel but when it comes to production of hydrogen, enough care is required as it is a very powerful explosive. However hydrogen fuel cell technologies are being developed and validated in parallel with complementary near-term energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

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