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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hydrogen gas an ideal gas?

Like a helium atom, a hydrogen molecule also has two electrons, and its intermolecular forces are small. The electrical charge is spread across two atoms. The ideal gas composed of more than one atom is hydrogen gas. As gas molecules get larger, they behave less like ideal gases.

Why is hydrogen gas so dangerous?

If the hydrogen should escape, it will immediately come into contact with the oxygen in air. Another concern is that hydrogen flames are nearly invisible . When hydrogen catches fire, the flames are so dim and hard to see that they're both hard to avoid and hard to fight. Next, there's the potential for hydrogen to asphyxiate people .

How expensive is hydrogen gas?

In a report published last year (using data from 2018), the International Energy Agency put the cost of green hydrogen at $3 to $7.50 per kilo , compared to $0.90 to $3.20 for production using steam methane reformation. Cutting the cost of electrolyzers will be critical to reducing the price of green hydrogen, but that will take time and scale.

What is the danger of hydrogen gas?

Hydrogen Hazards and Safety Fire Hazard. Hydrogen is flammable and must be handled with care, just like other flammable substances. ... Burns. In order for hydrogen to turn into a liquid form, it must be cooled to at least minus 423 degrees Fahrenheit. Explosion. Hydrogen can explode, but only if it comes into contact with oxygen. ... Poisoning. Hydrogen is non-toxic and is not poisonous. ...

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