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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Amu stand for?

In physics and chemistry, "AMU" is an abbreviation for atomic mass unit. Sometimes, it is further abbreviated as "u" for unified atomic mass unit. One AMU is the mass of one-twelfth of an atom of the element carbon, isotope 12, and is equal to 1.661 x 10^-27 kilograms. Carbon-12 is used as the base measure...

How do you calculate AMU in chemistry?

For any given isotope, the sum of the numbers of protons and neutrons in the nucleus is called the mass number. This is because each proton and each neutron weigh one atomic mass unit (amu). By adding together the number of protons and neutrons and multiplying by 1 amu, you can calculate the mass of the atom.

Which element has 27 protons?

The element with 27 electrons in an orbital diagram is cobalt. Cobalt has 27 protons, so it has 27 electrons. The 22 different isotopes of cobalt each have a different number of neutrons, with atomic numbers ranging from 50 to 72.

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