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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hydrogen gas an ideal gas?

Like a helium atom, a hydrogen molecule also has two electrons, and its intermolecular forces are small. The electrical charge is spread across two atoms. The ideal gas composed of more than one atom is hydrogen gas. As gas molecules get larger, they behave less like ideal gases.

Which gas has the highest density?

The correct answer is A. Solid. Gas has the least density because the atoms and molecules spread to fit the container. Liquids is between solid and gas when it comes to density, while solid has the highest density due to the way the molecules are tightly and closely connected. 0.0.

Is hydrogen gas denser than air?

Hydrogen has only about 7% of the mass of atmospheric air. making it much less dense than air. This is what made Hydrogen the choice of gas for the lighter than air ships. That is until one of the Hydrogen filled ships exploded.

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