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Frequently Asked Questions

What does HYFLEX mean for a course design?

In the HyFlex course design, students can choose to attend face-to-face, synchronous class sessions or complete course learning activities online without physically attending class. Hyflex can provide student engagement at the time they see/hear the material.

Are there any issues with the HYFLEX model?

Without good microphones, the students online are at a distinct disadvantage. While most concerns about the HyFlex Model tend to focus on the not-insubstantial technological requirements for running a mixed-modality course, the people requirements of this method are no less important.

What can you do with a HYFLEX mixer?

Industrial pumps, mixers, and sprayers for fireproofing, stucco spraying, wastewater and more. HyFlex products help you manage your commercial coatings projects of all sizes. Powerful. Reliable.

What makes HYFLEX gloves suitable for all day use?

Featuring protective gear with coverage for the hands, wrists, and beyond the elbow, the Hyflex product range is built for a wide range of dynamic applications. Additionally, the HyFlex gloves are made with blended materials to provide robust protection without compromising worker dexterity, ensuring each product would be suitable for all-day wear.

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