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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HYFLEX, and how do I do it well?

What is HyFlex, and how do I do it well? A Hybrid-Flexible or HyFlex course is a student-centered model of class delivery that can integrate in-class instruction, online synchronous video sessions, or asynchronous content delivery.

What makes HYFLEX gloves suitable for all day use?

Featuring protective gear with coverage for the hands, wrists, and beyond the elbow, the Hyflex product range is built for a wide range of dynamic applications. Additionally, the HyFlex gloves are made with blended materials to provide robust protection without compromising worker dexterity, ensuring each product would be suitable for all-day wear.

What kind of yarn does Ansell HYFLEX use?

Ansell introduced INTERCEPT Technology, a proprietary cut resistant yarn, to provide the ideal balance of comfort, protection and dexterity. This new yarn is featured in the next generation of Ansell HyFlex cut protective gloves.

What are the HYFLEX sprayers and pumps used for?

HyFlex products help you manage your commercial coatings projects of all sizes. VersaMax is a diesel-powered fully hydraulic pump and mixer for fireproofing, infrastructure repair, plaster, stucco, and other coatings applications.

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