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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IC in statistics?

The information coefficient (IC) is a measure used to evaluate the skill an investment analyst or active portfolio manager. An IC of +1.0 indicates a perfect prediction of actual returns, while an IC of 0.0 indicates no linear relationship.

What is the treatment for IC?

IC treatment protocols may also include lots of other medicines such as alpha blockers (Flomax), amphetamines, anti-seizure meds (Neurontin), histamine blockers (Tagamet, Zantac, Pepcid), leukotriene inhibitors, prostaglandins (NSAIDS, ibuprofen), urinary antacids (potassium or sodium citrate, tricitrates), and urinary tract antispasmodics (Detrol, ...

What is medical term IC?

IC is also known as mesenteric artery ischemia, mesenteric vascular disease, or colonic ischemia. A blood clot usually causes acute (sudden and short-term) IC. Acute IC is a medical emergency and requires treatment quickly. The mortality rate is high if gangrene, or death of tissue, occurs in the colon.

What are the symptoms of IC flare up?

Depending upon the triggering event, an IC patient may experience a variety of symptoms during their flare. Frequency: During flares, patients can experience urinary frequency, especially at night. Urgency: Some IC patients struggle with a sudden need to urinate and/or a sensation of constant pressure to urinate.

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