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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICAO Annex 19 means to business aviation?

ICAO Annex 19 explicitly applies to two groups of business aviation operators: "Large" is defined as more than 12,500 pounds (5,670 kg) maximum takeoff weight (MTOW); for comparison, a Pilatus PC-12 turboprop is 10,500 lb (MTOW) and does not meet this requirement. However, all business jets meet this requirement.

What are the objectives of ICAO?

ICAO's aims and objectives, as stated in the Chicago Convention, are to foster the planning and development of international air transport so as to ensure the safe and orderly growth of international civil aviation throughout the world; encourage the arts of aircraft design and operation for peaceful purposes; encourage the development of airways, ...

What is Annex and appendix?

An annex and an appendix are both forms of addendums to a main document. An appendix contains data that cannot be placed in the main document and has references in the original copy or file. An annex, on the other hand, is usually a standalone document that offers additional information than contained in the main document.

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