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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ICAO equipment code?

ICAO equipment codes are a little more complicated because the "Equipment" box lets you list a whole lot more stuff (and the more you enter the more ATC knows in the event of an emergency): Basically you list all the equipment you have in working order under the equipment box on the ICAO flight plan form.

How should I code my aircraft for ICAO?

So any simple to understand reference is appreciated. I would code both of your aircraft as: S,G for ICAO equipment and C for ICAO surveillance. You can add B if you want, but it will not make a difference.

Where can I find equipment codes for flight plans?

Lists of ICAO equipment codes is available (the one on Wikipediais pretty complete), and there are handy wizards floating aroundthat let you check boxes and get the string you need to enter on the flight plan. Look at two hypothetical aircraft, both identical Cessna 172s with different equipment to see how it works:

What does ICAO stand for?

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