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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ICAT do for an insurance company?

iCat is all about Modern Contents Management. It’s what we do. Insurance restoration contractors committed to providing the industry’s best contents claims solution leverage iCat technology to power a connected and collaborative customer claims experience – that quickly and quietly delivers happy insureds.

How is ICAT used in the testing process?

It is an ICAT initiative to improve the process of scheduling, monitoring & reducing the lead time through effective utilization of resources and to enhance the transparency in the certification and homologation processes. It is a Form based application to be used for Data Collection for tests conducted and the processing...

Is there a one time payment for iCat?

We're sorry, but one-time payment is not available at this time. Please note: there will be a scheduled production downtime from 9 AM ET Saturday 7/24/2021 until approximately Sunday 7/25/2021 5 PM ET.

What makes ICAT the best contents management software?

Innovation, technology, training: iCat’s Modern Contents Management technology is connected and collaborative, built on the conviction that clients come first. From pack-out to pack-back, insureds stay calm and connected.

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