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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ICAT?

ICAT makes it easy to quote, bind and manage accounts through our online platforms. Click Here for our Commercial Property Product. Click Here for our Residential California Property Products. Click Here for our Residential Hawaii Property Products. Check out the latest ICAT News to see what you’ve missed.

Why choose ICAT for your disaster insurance?

Catastrophe Coverage When You Need it Most. At ICAT, we have a single goal: help business owners and homeowners recover from a disaster. Comprehensive coverage, best-of-class service, industry leading expertise, and innovative product solutions – this is what ICAT provides.

What do I need to take the Picat?

The PiCAT requires the use of two web applications Military recruiters use an “Authorization and Reporting” application to register applicants and look up their scores Applicants use a second application to take the PiCAT on any computer using Internet Explorer or the Chrome Browser CAT ICAT ICAT I ACAT IBCAT IVACAT IVBCAT IVCCAT V

What is the CEP ICAT?

The CEP iCAT is an adaptive test you take on a computer. How you respond to a question will determine the complexity of the next question you receive. Nine subtests (a total of 145 items). Self-paced and generally takes about 1.5 hours.

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