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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the first maze in identity fraud?

Maze 1 is the first maze and visitable area in Identity Fraud . Maze 1 is an ambiguous multicursal maze with beige brick walls lined with brown coves. The floor and ceiling both take on a yellowish-grey hue, while lanterns that periodically dim can be seen hanging off the walls.

What's the first thing to do in identity fraud?

First thing to do is to find a mirror. That mirror leads you to the way out. When you hit that mirror, face it then go to your right. Stick to the LEFT side of the wall then take ALL possible lefts. It should lead you to the door that enters to the second maze. Same deal with the first maze.

When did the game identity fraud come out?

Identity Fraud is a horror-genre ROBLOX game created by Team M0THERB0ARD in January 1 st, 2016. The game is based around escaping mazes , and reaching the final boss . There will be monsters which will seek out and kill you, and you must avoid them.

What happens if you run from identity fraud?

This, literally, is the only time that you'll be running. If it kills you, it then takes almost all of your appearances and mocks your avatar (Like mine- the only thing that is different between my avatar and the fraud is that my 2018 headphones would be a bit higher on the fraud's head). This cycle then repeats to another player.

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