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Frequently Asked Questions

What do IELTS band scores really mean?

What Do IELTS General Writing Band Scores Mean? Task Achievement. To score band 5 for your letter, it must generally address the task and do so in a tone and form that is mostly appropriate. Coherence and Cohesion. A band 5 letter will contain some degree of organisation but it will be imperfect due to a lack of progression. Lexical Resource. ... Grammatical Range and Accuracy. ...

Is band 9 possible in IELTS?

Band 9 overall score in IELTS is achievable as I've known several people who have proven it true. They actually took part as former students in a review center where I am attending. However, it is quite unusual to have a band score of nine in each module. There would frequently be lesser than 9 particularly with writing subtest.

How is IELTS graded?

IELTS Reading. The reading score, just like the listening score, corresponds to the grade you receive on the reading test. The conversion formula is also kept secret, but there are sample charts of some common scores and how they translate to band scores. Note that the conversion is different for the Academic and General Training tests.

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