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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Optus 5G internet plan?

Optus 5G Home Internet features unlimited data, up to 50Mbps speed starting at $70 a month. A start-up fee of $200 is required during initial set-up with one month free internet service available. The plan also includes the Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway that allows devices to connect wirelessly via 5G mobile with 4G/LTE backup.

What's the typical evening download speed on iiNet?

*Typical evening speed indicates download speed and is measured between 7pm-11pm. Actual speeds may vary due to many factors including type/source of content, equipment configuration and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by iiNet.

What is included in 5G Internet entertainer plan?

One Premium Channel Pack of your choice is included in the 5G Internet Entertainer plan. Plus, there are special interest sports and World Channel Packs for you to add at any time. You have reached the end of the dialog.

Where can I get 5G Internet in Sydney?

The 5G service via Vodafone was initially available in Parramatta, NSW, Western Motorway and Holroyd. Several 5G sites are also slated to be built in Sydney. On top of the main CDB, areas in Liverpool, Sutherland, Campbelltown, and Chatswood are also projected to enjoy 5G connectivity via Vodafone.

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