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Frequently Asked Questions

How to request iiNet support from IATA customer portal?

If you have already used IATA Customer Portal for other IATA services - simply login with your existing Customer Portal credentials (email address and password). To submit new request for iiNET support team – please select “IINET” in the list of Topics when creating the request on the portal.

Where can I submit a support request for iiNet?

Starting from now, you can submit all your iiNET support requests using real-time IATA Customer Portal. We encourage you to make registration in the Customer Service Portal at your earliest convenience, to ensure you have access before the time you may need to submit important requests or report incidents for iiNET.

What do you need to know about iiNet?

* Fields are mandatory. Your request has been submitted! Some addresses may require additional information to be supplied, such as unit number. iiNet offers 24/7 award winning customer support. Loading... Loading... * Typical Evening Speeds are subject to change and are measured 7pm-11pm.

How to contact iiNet customer care by e-mail?

E-mail: [email protected] iiNET Customer Care is responsible for the overall administration of iiNET: general enquiries including the creation of new accounts, co-ordinating new data transmission requests and invoicing issues. iiNET Customer Care is available from Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm ET and can be reached at:

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