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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to use iiNet modem for NBN?

Yes. Just like iiNet NBN™ HFC, you must use the modem supplied by us with your iiNet NBN™ FTTC connection, otherwise your internet and NBN™ Phone services may not work as expected.

How to set up Netphone on iiNet modem?

Stand back, and in a couple of minutes, you should be enjoying relatively fast NBN via iiNet. Setting up Netphone (VoIP) at etting_up_Netphone_%28VoIP%29 is your guide here. Again, very straightforward, really. Go down to the very bottom of this document, to Set up Netphone on a third party modem.

Can a modem connect to a VDSL2 NBN?

If yours gives you the option to select VDSL2, take it, otherwise, it should work with VDSL, provided your modem is VDSL2 compliant. Connection type IPoE or ['Dynamic IP Address}. I could only see the latter, so I selected that. Either should work just fine. And that's about all there is to it, at least on the VR600v that I'm using.

Which is the best NBN provider for my area?

Choosing the right NBN speed depends on how you or your family uses the internet. iiNet has a range of NBN speeds and plans available, whether you just use the internet for browsing and emails or you have a large family with multiple users, gamers or heavy streamers. Is NBN™ available in my area? Not sure if NBN is available in your area?

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