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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best satellite NBN plan from iiNet?

For satellite NBN, iiNet’s NBN Satellite 150 Basic which gives you 150GB for $39.99 per month is one of the most popular satellite plans around. Alternatively, you might want to consider SkyMesh’s NBN-SB-65-125 Sky Muster plan offering 200GB at standard Satellite NBN evening speed for $54.95 per month.

Are there satellite plans for the NBN in Australia?

NBN™ Satellite Plans We’re proud to deliver fast broadband speeds to regional Australia with our great value range of NBN™ Satellite plans. Powered by the state of the art Sky Muster™ Satellites, iiNet NBN™ Satellite plans connect families and businesses across regional Australia with affordable, fast internet.

What kind of internet plan does iiNet have?

Enjoy unlimited downloads with our Liimitless broadband and NBN™ data plans. Liimitless data on our own fibre to the node network. Available in Geelong, Ballarat and Mildura. High-speed, Liimitless data at a great price. A fibre connection for your apartment building. Connect your home to fast fibre internet.

Which is the best NBN provider for my area?

Choosing the right NBN speed depends on how you or your family uses the internet. iiNet has a range of NBN speeds and plans available, whether you just use the internet for browsing and emails or you have a large family with multiple users, gamers or heavy streamers. Is NBN™ available in my area? Not sure if NBN is available in your area?

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