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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you connect to iiNet using IMAP or pop? can't connect to iinet using IMAP or POP After a recent upgrade of, it can no longer connect with iinet using POP or IMAP. An error "A TLS API Failure has occurred. Error = 0x80090326". To replicate, try adding a connected account to, where the email address uses an domain.

Where can I find the iiNet email settings?

IINET email settings POP POP Server: POP Port: 110 SSL Required: off SMTP 8 more rows ...

What do you need to know about iiNet?

* Fields are mandatory. Your request has been submitted! Some addresses may require additional information to be supplied, such as unit number. iiNet offers 24/7 award winning customer support. Loading... Loading... * Typical Evening Speeds are subject to change and are measured 7pm-11pm.

Is the outgoing authentication set up for iiNet?

The outgoing SMTP server ( is set to "25" and encrypted connection is set to "None", and when I "Test the connection" it's all ok. I don't get it. Is outgoing authentication set up for the account?

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