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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the iiNet email settings?

IINET email settings POP POP Server: POP Port: 110 SSL Required: off SMTP 8 more rows ...

Which is the outgoing server for iiNet outlook?

The incoming mail server is and the outgoing mail server is In the User Name field, type in your full email address. 5. Click on More Settings, then click on the Outgoing Server tab. Check the box that says “My outgoing server requires authentication”.

What are the settings for the iiNet modem?

Connect to WiFi Improve WiFi signal strength WiFi connection offline WiFi connection dropouts WiFi speed issues NBN FTTP Set up iiNet modem Set up non-iiNet modem My connection speed is slow My internet is offline My internet is dropping out

How to set up my iiNet cell phone?

Phone & Mobile Mobile Activate SIM Top up prepaid balance Mobile service features Check usage Change plan No mobile coverage Can't send/receive SMS/MMS Finding your PUK code Roaming Lost and stolen SIM cards NBN Phone & Netphone Setup guide Phone features Issues making calls Issues receiving calls Call dropouts NBN Fibre Phone (FTTP only)

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