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Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure iiNet email in any email client?

Get the all iiNet IMAP settings to configure in any Email Client. It is necessary to know the correct information about IMAP, SMTP and POP Server. If you do not want to access iiNet email in web browser so, you can setup the iiNet Webmail to any Email application.

How to login to iiNet webmail 13042.0?

Powered by Atmail .13042.0 iiNet Webmail .13042.0 - Login Page Enter your email and password to provision your device with email, contacts and calendar. Get My iOS Profile

How do I log in to my new iiNet account?

Follow these stepsto check out available plans and make the switch today. Your username for your iiNet account or broadband service. Alternatively, new iiNet Mobile customers may log in using their iiNet Mobile number.

Is there a way to back up iiNet emails?

Here is an quick and easy solution to backup iiNet emails. Use this recommended solution iiNet Email Backup Software to backup iiNet emails to desired email / file formats. The software support 85+ email source applications. Also, 25+ savings option such as PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, CSV, Gmail, Microsoft 365, ES etc.

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