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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did atmosera / Easystreet buy Infinity internet?

A few years ago, Atmosera/EasyStreet acquired Vancouver-based Infinity Internet to further the company’s reach and allow them to provide internet service to more homes. The focus of the company is ever evolving as the digital computing world changes and we search for new opportunities.

How long does Easystreet keep Mail on server?

For system performance reasons, EasyStreet reserves the right to restrict server mail storage to 30 days. Mail storage on customers' own local systems (meaning downloaded off of EasyStreet servers and onto a personal system) is completely under customers' control.

How to check your Easystreet email by webmail?

Check your EasyStreet email via WebMail Email Type WebMail URL Special Notes Business Hosted Exchange Hosted Exchange Control Panel (Admins On ... MX Logic 1 more rows ...

How to access your Infinity internet email account?

To access your Infinity Internet email click the “Access Your Email” button below. For support with your Infinity Email account, click here. Access the billing portal to view and pay your bill, update your information, and manage payments.

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