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Frequently Asked Questions

How to log in to my iiNet email account?

Enter your email address and password to log in to iiNet Webmail Forgotten your username? Forgotten your password?

What do you need to know about iiNet toolbox?

This handy guide will show you how to log in and navigate Toolbox to manage your iiNet account. iiHelphas everything you need to know about setting up your iiNet Service, troubleshooting issues and managing your account. These easy, step-by-step guides will get you sorted in no time. Need to make a payment?

How can I Change my Broadband Plan on iiNet?

Toolbox lets you change your iiNet broadband plan online. Follow these stepsto check out available plans and make the switch today. Your username for your iiNet account or broadband service. Alternatively, new iiNet Mobile customers may log in using their iiNet Mobile number.

What is the average download speed of iiNet?

Average results for iiNet. 53.26 Mb/s Download Speed. 15.21 Mb/s Upload Speed. 1941.07 ms Ping Latency.

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