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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pay your Illinois toll online?

Paying Online. If you've incurred a toll on an Illinois I-PASS or Pay Online lane, make your payment within one week on the Illinois Tollway website.

Can you pay an Illinois toll online?

Cashless Tolling / Paying Online. The Illinois Tollway has many exits and plazas that are unmanned or use cashless tolling. These facilities require that you pay online , or you may use an IPass or E-ZPass. When you pay online, you must do so within 14 days; otherwise, you will get a toll invoice with a small invoicing fee.

Does Illinois Tollway take cash?

When you use the Illinois Tollway, you may pay with pay with cash, pay online or use an IPass or E-ZPass Transponder. The cash payment system speaks for itself. When you pay by cash, you are responsible for having sufficient funds to pay for your tolls while driving on the Illinois Tollway system.

What happens if you forget to pay a toll in Illinois?

The Illinois tollway is cracking down on drivers who miss tolls by reducing the number of infractions it takes to trigger penalties. Board directors approved changes Thursday that mean two missed tolls in a one-year period will result in a violation notice with $20 fines.

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