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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMAP used for?

IMAP (short for Internet Message Access Protocol) is an internet protocol that lets you sync your email inbox across multiple devices. Most popular email apps, like Gmail and Outlook, use IMAP servers to keep your email the same on every device. If your email uses a POP server instead, it'll only work well with a single computer. More items...

What are disadvantages of IMAP?

What are the disadvantages of IMAP Your host can limit message storage. Limits of 200MB or 500MB are not uncommon unless you purchase professional email services. All your messages are kept on the server, so hackers can access everything if your server or password is not secure. Offline reading depends on your email client. It will need to be explicitly configured.

What IMAP can do for your email collection?

The IMAP protocol downloads a copy of your email from the server to the client on your computer. Any changes you make in your email client are synced with the server. So, if you delete a piece of mail on your computer, it deletes it on the email server, and vice versa.

What is POP3 vs IMAP?

IMAP is used to download, read and manage emails, while POP3 is used only for downloading emails. IMAP is newer and more popular than POP3, especially when mailboxes are huge, or multiple clients access the same account.

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