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Frequently Asked Questions

What did people do in the Inca period?

This labor was free to government. During Inca period people were needed to work only 65 days to provide food for his family. So they had ample time afterwards. When someone's turn came (actually Mita means turn) he joined Mita. It was like pubic service system of modern times.

How did collective labor work in the Inca Empire?

There were three ways in which collective labor was organized: The first one was the ayni to help a member of the community who was in need. Helping build a house or help a sick member of the community are examples of ayni. The second was the minka or team work for the benefit of the whole community.

What kind of taxes did the Incas pay?

The third one was the mita or the tax paid to the Inca. Since there was no currency taxes were paid with crops, cattle, textile and specially with work. Mit a laborers served as soldiers, farmers, messengers, road builders, or whatever needed to be done.

Which is the best invention of the Incas?

Mita system was one of the best invention of Inca government. Enormous construction of highways and structures were possible because of their Mita system. In this system all the people worked for government for a certain period. This labor was free to government.

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