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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the psychological effects of incarceration?

Yet, the psychological effects of incarceration vary from individual to individual and are often reversible. To be sure, then, not everyone who is incarcerated is disabled or psychologically harmed by it. But few people are completely unchanged or unscathed by the experience.

Why do we need to modify prison conditions and practices?

That is, modified prison conditions and practices as well as new programs are needed as preparation for release, during transitional periods of parole or initial reintegration, and as long-term services to insure continued successful adjustment.

How does incarceration affect foster care placement?

Children of incarcerated mothers are at high risk of foster care placement, and in part because mothers are unable to participate in reunification plans, termination of parental rates is more likely to occur (Finney-Hairston, 2003). The generational and cyclical effects of parent incarceration and foster care placement cannot be underestimated.

How has the prison system changed over the years?

Perhaps the most dramatic changes have come about as a result of the unprecedented increases in rate of incarceration, the size of the U.S. prison population, and the widespread overcrowding that has occurred as a result.

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