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Frequently Asked Questions

How many shares does Incitec Pivot Limited have?

IPL General Information + ASX Code IPL Website GICS Sub-Industry Diversified Chemicals Market Cap ($M) 4,680 IPL Share Price $2.410 4 more rows ...

What kind of chemicals does Incitec Pivot make?

Incitec Pivot Limited manufactures and distributes industrial explosives, industrial chemicals, and fertilizers in Australia, the United States, Canada, Turkey, and internationally. More Details Good value with mediocre balance sheet.

When did Incitec Pivot and Dyno Nobel merge?

Incitec Pivot was formed when phosphate co-operative Pivot Limited and Incitec Fertilisers merged in 2003. On the explosives side, the company has a long and unique history. In 1865, Alfred Nobel (who later created the Nobel Prize) invented detonators and dynamite and established the company that later became Dyno Nobel.

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