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Frequently Asked Questions

What is incite® classroom?

Incite® Classroom provides students and teachers with one platform that supports classroom or virtual learning. Connect tools and resources, manage assignments, and streamline teacher-student and parent communications. Incite® Assessment empowers educators with actionable information that can positively impact student achievement in real time.

What is Incitec Pivot Limited?

Incitec Pivot Limited is an industrial chemicals manufacturer supplying the agriculture and mining industries. Visit Incitec Pivot Limited here. Dyno Nobel is a leading supplier of industrial explosives and blasting services to the mining, quarrying, seismic and construction industries.

What is the incite® analytics engine?

Gain standards-based insights to personalize instruction for each student, through the year. A proprietary analytics engine powers and connects our entire Incite® platform, enabling educators to analyze real-time actionable reports and data.

How do I access my college's website through the Insite portal?

Get assistance with your Insite Portal user ID. Get assistance with your Insite Portal password. Can I access my college’s website through the portal? Yes. In the upper right hand corner of the portal page should be your college’s logo. Clicking on any of the links in that web part will take you to the colleges sites.

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