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Frequently Asked Questions

What is constant vs consistent?

Constant vs consistent. Consistent is also an adjective. It describes something or someone as continuing to happen, continuing to behave in the same manner, or continuing to have the same quality with each use. The adverb form is consistently. The noun form is consistency. It comes from the Latin consistere, which oddly means to stop or stand still.

Is wind energy consistent or inconsistent?

Because the majority of power is generated by higher wind speeds, most of the available energy comes in short bursts. The consequence is that wind does not provide a consistent output of energy, as do other energy sources.

Which system of equations is inconsistent?

Inconsistent equations of linear equations are equations that have no solutions in common. In this system, the lines will be parallel if the equations are graphed on a coordinate plane. Let's consider an inconsistent equations as x – y = 8 and 5x – 5y = 25. They don’t have any common solutions.

Is consistent a verb?

Consistent verb tense means to use verbs that are in the same tense unless you are signalling a change in time. This lesson will review the basic verb tenses and some situations that cause problems for consistent verb tense. 'Inconsistent verb tense' is a common correction that students and writers get back on their work.

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