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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of inconsistency in English?

Define inconsistency. inconsistency synonyms, inconsistency pronunciation, inconsistency translation, English dictionary definition of inconsistency. n. pl. in·con·sis·ten·cies 1. The state or quality of being inconsistent. 2. Something inconsistent: many inconsistencies in your proposal.

What is time inconsistency in economics?

Time inconsistency basically means that there is disagreement between a decision-maker's different selves about what actions should be taken. Formally, consider an economic model with different mathematical weightings placed on the utilities of each self.

What is dynamic inconsistency in economics?

In economics, dynamic inconsistency or time inconsistency is a situation in which a decision-maker's preferences change over time in such a way that a preference can become inconsistent at another point in time. This can be thought of as there being many different "selves" within decision makers,...

What is inconsistency in tennis?

In this context, the inconsistency is primarily about commitment and credible threats. This manifests itself through a violation of Bellman's Principle of Optimality by the leader or dominant player, as shown in Simaan and Cruz ( 1973a, 1973b ).

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