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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods naturally raise testosterone?

Meat, egg, and fish are rich source of proteins and fat and both are necessary for the synthesis of testosterone. Nuts are rich in mono-saturated fats, people who eat diet rich in mono-saturated fats are found to have high level of testosterone. Therefore eat peanuts, cashew nuts and walnut regularly to boost testosterone naturally.

What is the best way to increase testosterone levels?

Dietary changes and exercise are among the most popular ways to naturally increase the levels of this important male hormone. Some other methods which may help to increase testosterone naturally include getting plenty of rest, lowering stress levels, limiting alcohol consumption, and increasing sexual activity.

What is the best supplement to boost testosterone?

Vitamin and minerals also made their way to most testosterone supplements because they treat symptoms of low level of testosterone and is another best way to increase testosterone. Among them are vitamin B-Complex, C, D alongside mineral zinc. Vitamin C, for instance, reduces cortisol in the blood.

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